In Other Words

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Last weekend we saw Jagged perform their 3rd full length show. It was in every way the kind of performance that was uniquely their style. After learning a lot about the world of pole dance these last few years, there still isn’t a group we know about that is fusing modern dance and pole in this way.

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Jagged Featured on AM Radio!

Last week Jessica called us to say that they were going to be featured on “Francis Von Zernek’s Head Full of Useless Information About Movies”.  We of course tuned in.  The show asks them to list movies that inspired them as artists.  Being the cinema nerds we are, we thought it was really cool.

But what blew us away is on this weeks episode when Sarah Mann listed Off the Floor as one of the movies that had a huge impact on her life.  It made us feel really special.  Truth is, our lives were changed by meeting and getting to know the incredible spirit that the ladies of Jagged have.  It’s so cool that they feel the same about the film we’ve made about their lives.

The show is filled with lots of great information and provides some great insight into Jessica and Sarah’s creative minds and inspirations.  Strongly suggest you download it and listen!

Click here to download part 1 of the radio program from Adrenaline Radio! (need a free account for this I think)

Click here to download part 2 of the radio program from Adrenaline Radio!