Olandar Screening

We had a spectacular night of painting, music, dance and film on Sunday in Malibu. This was more than just a screening, it was a celebration of all types of artistic talent. Held at Olandar, the home and creative haven of Carla and Leigh McCloskey, it was the perfect venue for a late summer screening.

Through his art, Leigh has transformed Olandar into a visual soup for the artistic soul. We started the evening touring the Hieroglyph of the Human Soul, his studio. After experiencing the beautiful imagery of Leigh’s art, Jagged performed in the garden. There’s nothing like seeing dancers perform to live music, and we were lucky to have Paul Anthony Romero and Brock Summers provide musical accompaniment on piano and sax. Topping off the evening was the screening of the film and a lively Q&A. Truly a screening we won’t forget!

Special thanks to our friend Brett Lupfer for the photos. Can you believe he’s never photographed pole dance before? We couldn’t either.



Co-Directors Matt & Katie Celia and producer Sean Barney taking it all in.


“Art is not a product it is an approach to living.” ~ Leigh J McCloskey

Audience in anticipation!

Audience in anticipation!


Jessica Anderson-Gwin and Anika Haldorsen


Jessica Agdeppa

Jessica Anderson-Gwin, Venus Morales, and Kristin McKnight.

Jessica Anderson-Gwin, Venus Morales, and Kristin McKnight.





Topanga Film Festival 2014 Recap

It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a community to really give life to an independent film. Last week at the Topanga Film Festival, the community behind our film grew by leaps and bounds. In its 10th year, the Topanga Film Festival is a local festival with an artistic soul and warm heart. Run by the Topanga Film Institute it curates an incredible program of films that are courageous, educational, innovative, and action-invoking. It also has the unique artistic community of Topanga Canyon supporting it, and we felt we belonged the minute we arrived.

The festival began with an Opening Night Gala at Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum,  which featured great food, great drinks and a showcase of fun and thought provoking shorts. Kicking off the festivities was none other than the talented dancers of Jagged. The ladies opened the festival with a 18 minute live performance of four pieces. Even four years later, we still get chills seeing them perform live.

Thanks to Jagged’s performance, we had an incredible turnout for our Friday night screening at the festival’s main venue Froggy’s. A packed house watched the film and stayed for a lively Q&A. You know you’ve made an engaging film when everyone asks more questions of Jessica then us!  Afterwards, we stayed for the Dance Showcase, where Jagged again performed to a rapt audience.

With our screening out of the way, we were able to sit back and enjoy the stellar program of films and get to know the filmmakers behind them. We had a great time sitting on a panel with fellow documentary filmmakers Kate Logan (Kidnapped for Christ), Michael Matheson Miller and Mark R. Weber (Poverty Inc), and Kerry Candaele (Following the Ninth). We really enjoyed seeing Jeremy Workman’s Magical Universea poignant portrait of eccentric artist Al Carbee. It was revitalizing to be surrounded by other successful filmmakers, many of whom have distribution and were on the tail-end of their festival runs. We loved the advice and reminder to keep our heads up!

Thanks so much to everyone for welcoming us into the Topanga community, especially Cari Ann Shim Sham and Topanga Film Institute founders Urs Baur and Sara Baur-Harding. We are happy to now be coyotes for life.



Matt with his official TFF gear.


Topanga special guest Alexander Payne chatting with longtime TFF supporter Wendy Malick.


Enjoying a leisurely Sunday morning at the fest.


Jessica Anderson Gwin and Kristin McKnight wowing the audience at the TFF Dance Showcase.

The movie playing in front of a packed house (tent!)

The movie playing in front of a packed house (tent!)


(Left to right) Katie, Matt, & Sean at the Topanga Film Festival opening night gala!

MFF – World Premiere

What a week in New York! Our world premiere at the Manhattan Film Festival was everything we hoped it would be. We were nervous about showing the film publicly for the first time ever, but thankfully we had Jagged members Jessica Anderson-Gwin, Kristin McKnight, and Venus Morales to keep the jitters at bay! Taking the red-eye together, we arrived in NYC ready for an epic weekend of NY sights and indie films. First on the agenda (after a real NY bagel of course), was a special presentation at the West 14th Street Apple store. Matt and Katie shared the process of editing the film on Final Cut X, providing their expert tips and tricks on workflow and creative process. Next up, the creative team got to enjoy the festival experience at Manhattan Film Festival. In its 8th year, the festival had a great intimate setting at the Quad Cinema, a family owned theater that specializes in indie films. We caught a few of the other films playing and made some new indie filmmaker friends. Festivals are a bit like summer camp, you get to know all these great people with the same passion you have. It’s energizing and inspiring to see others bring their creative visions to life. The big day came on Sunday, June 29th. There’s nothing like getting to see your film screen for the first time in a real theater. Red carpet, popcorn, a great Q&A, what more could we ask for. It was a dream come true. Afterwards, Body&Pole graciously hosted our after party in their aerialist’s dream of a studio. Jessica and Kristin preformed their award winning NAPA piece, which we could watch all day long. Thanks again to Jadi, Phillip, and all the staff who made us feel right at home. Our favorite part of the festival was getting a chance to touch people with the film. From festival goers to the owners of Foxy Fitness and Pole Training Studios who came out to the screening, we were over the moon to here how much the film reached others. It’s always been our goal with the film to show what pole dancing is really about. With this first screening, we did just that. Seriously, thanks again to everyone who made this trip incredible. Up next, we’re playing to the home crowd at the Topanga Film Festival on July 18th. Los Angeles get your tickets now we hope to see you there.   10455404_602601719847342_7894423745222597520_n 10489176_10103481969462106_1548538779_n 10484958_10103482826873846_1420750447_n